Donna,  skin care therapist and hair removal professional, has taken the industry by storm over the last 5 years. After retiring from music she decided to become an Esthetician and change lives. 
With years of suffering from acne as a teen, Donna curated her own collection of corrective skin care products called SKIN by Donna. Her mission is  to bring awareness of proper skin care to her community and communities like hers. Skin by Donna has been distributed all over the US and has helped hundreds of people tackle their battle with acne. Donna believes healthy skin is the first step to embracing your true beauty.
Skin By Donna Wax Studios started merely as an idea. A dream that seemed far fetched in the beginning, later blossomed into reality. Here at Skin By Donna Wax Studios, we believe that your skin is our #1 priority, while making your hair removal experience enjoyable.  We provide a space where you can feel comfortable, confident,  and BARE IT ALL HERE.